The Bellaire House

  • Bellaire, Completed

    I can't believe this day has finally arrived...  my sweet little home on Bellaire is complete.  After 6 months of extensive renovations, a resetting of the foundation, and new floor joists and subflooring, the addition of a stackable laundry in the huge master closet, ripping out soffits in the kitchen, adding all new cabinets, granite, and appliances...  

    I really feel like this place has become incredible, and will be a beautiful little get away for someone.  With out too much more ado, take a look for yourself;

    To view or share the listing on Airbnb, click here, or, for a video tour, follow this link.

    Huge thanks to Ben Burgess of Burgess Construction, Kraftmaid Rep Jenifer Hardin-Downs, Southern Kitchens, and Justin Cook at Dragonfly Visual Productions for helping me make this place just incredible. 


    Paint : Sherwin Williams Extra White and Urbane Bronze

    Wood Laminate Flooring and Bathroom TIle : Lowes

    Blinds : Levolor

    Curtains and Hardware : Target

    Kitchen Cabinets : Kraftmaid Durham door in Maple Slate

    Kitchen Granite : Allen + Roth Galactic Storm

    Sink and Toilet : Kohler

    All Faucets and Kitchen and Bath Hardware : Moen

    Sofa, Chairs, Bed, and Nightstands : World Market

    Coffee Table, TV Stand, Kitchen Table and Chairs : Target

    Rugs : Target

    Lighting : West Elm

    Pink Pillows : Pottery Barn

    Bedding : Target

    Bedroom Lamps and Floor Lamp : Target

    Dishes, Glassware, Flatware, and Table Linens : Target

    Accessories Throughout : Target

  • Bellaire Update

    Two weeks ago, when my photographer, Kyle and I got together to work on the next wave of photos, the sweet llittle Bellaire house still had a multitude of items on it's punch list.  From grout in the bathroom floor, window treatments, getting a bed delivered, finding art and acessories...  It seemed like we still had such a long way to go.  These photos are reflective of that moment- when the house was just almost complete.

    Now? Now I just need to get my backsplash in and we can welcome guests.  Stay tuned friends, she'll be ready and available within the next week!

    ** photos by Kyle Lueken **

  • Bellaire Update

    We have a sofa.  There's been a chair delivered.  Paint is on the walls, and cabinets are installed.  My sweet little shotgun on Bellaire is starting to look like a real house!!

    After a quick change of pace with the wall color (Spare White looked almost mint green, so Extra White made an appearance on all surfaces), the floors have been installed, can lights have gone into the kitchen, and everything- EVERYTHING!- has gotten a lovely coat of paint.  It's amazing to me what fresh baseboard can do for a room, or how beautiful wide, gray floors can look in such a small space.  

    Our lighting has all been delivered, but not yet installed, thought I find myself a little more excited each day to see what the Arc Sconces from West Elm are going to look like in the bathroom, and how the Mobile Chandelier is going to light up the dining area.

    This week, I'm told that fun black and white tile will go down in the bathroom, and soon, my sweet landscapers are going to tackle the mess that is the yard.  

    Four more weeks, friends, until another update is due.  I can't wait to show you the progress!

    ** photos by Kyle Lueken **

  • Bellaire Update

    Oh, friends, I’m so happy to report that we are moving along at a nice rate at the Bellaire house. In the last week, my contractor has completed all of the drywall work, all of our kitchen can lights have been installed, and the old, icky bathroom vanity, lights and mirror have come out, and the large walk-in closet in the bedroom has been wired and plumbed for a washer and dryer.

    And…. I’ve decided on paint!

    I love the thought of light and bright for the majority of the house. This will be vacation home, after all, and should look like one- airy, even though it’s gonna be dramatic and moody. The walls throughout will be Sherwin Williams’ Spare White, a slightly cloudy, lightly silvery white. All of the trim, as well as the fireplace will be painted in semi-gloss Extra White. My neighbor’s entire home is done in Extra White, and its just so clean and perfect.

    The bathroom is going to reflect the dark, gray-brown of the kitchen cabinets, courtesy of a gorgeous shade called Urbane Bronze. I cannot wait to see my new sconces against these walls! The sample sizes from Sherwin Williams are a full quart, so I was able to get an excellent idea of what these shades will look like in morning or afternoon light throughout the house.

    As soon as the walls are painted and the lights are in, I’ll have more updates for you, and I’m so looking forward to them!

    ** photos by Kyle Lueken **

    ** this post is not sponsored in any way **

  • Bellaire Update

    If you're following along on my Snapchat (@joycekduncan), you've seen that as of today, I have walls in the Bellaire house!

    While the sheetrock still needs to be re-mudded and sanded, I can see the place beginning to take shape.  The deep, blood red walls that were in the dining area and kitchen really make the space so dark- just seeing white walls made the space seem so much larger! The addition of the new drywall also means we can finally move forward with ordering cabinetry, and the disappearance of all the old joists and plaster that were laying in the rear yard means that landscaping can soon begin!

    I've returned to Lowe's to work with one of my favorite Jennifers- a cabinetry designer who's a pro at maximizing storage space and seeing the vision in my head before it goes on paper.  We've decided to stick with a relatively plain door style- the Deveron in a full overlay from Kraftmaid.  In maple hardwood, finished in a deep, cool stain called Slate, these will appear smooth, chic, and pretty modern.  I'm hoping to find a dark, matte countertop. Flooring will be a dark oak, and lighting and accessories will stay black or brass.

    Stay tuned friends.  Huge steps forward in the next couple of weeks!

    ** all photos by Kyle Leuken **

    ** this post is not sponsored in any way **

  • Bellaire Inspiration

    One week into my ownership of the house on Bellaire, and the kitchen has been ripped out, and the floors have started to come up (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can walk in and see the crawlspace tomorrow!!). As much as I've been looking forward to the much-needed renovation and remodel of this little beauty, I'm now also in a panic becuase there is no turning back!  I'm also in a panic- a much bigger one- because now I have to make decisions regarding the direction we're headed regarding the remodel.

    ** kitchen, at present **

    As much as I want to move forward with navy cabinetry, funky, white-washed floors, and victorian hex tile, I know that this little house still needs to feel like mine- reflect my taste so that, more than anything, it can also serve as a quiet respite for me if I ever need an afternoon breather.  I need to feel comfortable cooking a meal here, plopping down on the sofa or reading a book in the tub, exactly as I would if I were in my own home...  Because truthully, I will be.  

    My hope for this cute little place is that we can use it as a business-ready Airbnb.  With so many walkable resturants and bars at the end of the street, as well as a VERY close proximity to downtown, a one-bedroom home, appointed well and leaving no detail behind would be a perfect spot for the business traveller, or the couple who wants a weekend away in our sweet city.  That being said, it goes without saying that while these folks need a place to stay, they also need a place to sit, a place to brew coffee, and a bed on which to lay.

    Thank the Lawd for Pinterest. 

    Thanks to finding a spread in Rue Magazine featuring a clean, white and chocolate brown home in Toronto, I know exactly the look I'm going for... White walls, bronze and dark wood fixtures, greige and taupe linen with some rich, distressed leather thrown in for good measure.  Moody, moody, moody, but without the black walls and super-saturated colors of my current home.  It'll still feel like me, but it won't feel like I have the same house twice over.  

    ** via RueMag **

    Friends, feel free to follow along on my Instagram, or on my snapchat, @joycekduncan, and for constant brain-storming, check out my Bellaire Project Pinterest board here

  • Bellaire

    Years ago, after years of watching my dad purchase, renovate, and sell homes, I had the itch to begin such a hobby myself. When we stumbled upon the 4th Street mansion in 2009, it was as if Daddy and I had found the world’s greatest cookie jar…. 7,000 square feet of Victorian-era woodwork, 11’ ceilings, plaster walls. We embarked together on turning this abandoned house into a home, and 5 years later, we had succeeded.

    After trying desperately to hang onto my grandmother’s home for several years after she passed, I finally relented and realized that I needed to let go- both of that property as well as my grief of her and my time there. It was a small, 1940’s home, unchanged since then, save for the “new” kitchen that was installed in the ’60’s. Carpet came up, floors were refinished, and the bathroom and kitchen had major facelifts. Another father/daughter project completed.

    In 2014, we found a small farm in Hardin County that had sat vacant for over 5 years. The grape arbors had been so neglected that the vines were almost lost in the shoulder-high weeds. All that remained of the garden were a few stalks of asparagus that had grown to the length of my arm and the girth of a silver dollar. It took several months, but soon, the overgrown shrubbery was trimmed, the basement finished, and the farm back to freshly turned and operational (we even moved our tobacco crop to the fields that year). A large, sweet family bought the property from us to use as a crash pad for out-of-town relatives when they visited.

    When I bought my current home, Daddy bowed out. He believed it was perfect in its current condition, and truthfully, it was. Everything I’ve done here- the complete renovation of the kitchen and powder rooms, refacing the fireplace, laying hardwood- has been for purely aesthetic purposes, and its taken three years to make this place into a structure that really feels like me, that feels like home… Perhaps I needed another project.

    On Monday, I closed on the purchase of a small shotgun house in the walkable, hip, and ever-active Crescent Hill neighborhood. Throughout the process of the purchase, I remained steady. This is business- a decision to invest in something incredible, to perhaps make a little money, and have a second home here in Louisville, if we or ever needed one. Dollars and cents. I had my spreadsheets and my plans for renovation, and a confidence that this will go smoothly and work out. But, then emotion crept in.

    There was a moment, just after closing, when I walked in and became a little teary-eyed. This is the first project I’ve tackled on my own, without my dad to offer advice, opinions, and muscle. This is the first time I’m not asking for his opinions or hearing his singing or laughter over the sound of a drill. This home is mine, and not “mine and Dad’s.” Also mine are any pitfalls and mistakes, and that’s a huge weight, and the cause of a very nervous stomach.

    This baby needs a little work… The foundation needs replacing, the kitchen is just AWFUL, there’s a hole in the floor of the bathroom. There’s wisteria growing in the back yard, but being drowned by some other invasive vines so heavy they’re threatening to pull down a pergola. The floors are warped, the walls and ceilings have been “textured,” so I see a LOT of drywall in my future.

    But, she has potential. I’m trying very hard to focus on getting the place structurally sound before I get too carried away with interior wants, but I promise to keep you posted each step of the way.

    This is my tiny shotgun house. Let’s turn her into something extraordinary.