The Bellaire House

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  • Bellaire Update

    If you're following along on my Snapchat (@joycekduncan), you've seen that as of today, I have walls in the Bellaire house!

    While the sheetrock still needs to be re-mudded and sanded, I can see the place beginning to take shape.  The deep, blood red walls that were in the dining area and kitchen really make the space so dark- just seeing white walls made the space seem so much larger! The addition of the new drywall also means we can finally move forward with ordering cabinetry, and the disappearance of all the old joists and plaster that were laying in the rear yard means that landscaping can soon begin!

    I've returned to Lowe's to work with one of my favorite Jennifers- a cabinetry designer who's a pro at maximizing storage space and seeing the vision in my head before it goes on paper.  We've decided to stick with a relatively plain door style- the Deveron in a full overlay from Kraftmaid.  In maple hardwood, finished in a deep, cool stain called Slate, these will appear smooth, chic, and pretty modern.  I'm hoping to find a dark, matte countertop. Flooring will be a dark oak, and lighting and accessories will stay black or brass.

    Stay tuned friends.  Huge steps forward in the next couple of weeks!

    ** all photos by Kyle Leuken **

    ** this post is not sponsored in any way **