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  • Bellaire Inspiration

    One week into my ownership of the house on Bellaire, and the kitchen has been ripped out, and the floors have started to come up (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can walk in and see the crawlspace tomorrow!!). As much as I've been looking forward to the much-needed renovation and remodel of this little beauty, I'm now also in a panic becuase there is no turning back!  I'm also in a panic- a much bigger one- because now I have to make decisions regarding the direction we're headed regarding the remodel.

    ** kitchen, at present **

    As much as I want to move forward with navy cabinetry, funky, white-washed floors, and victorian hex tile, I know that this little house still needs to feel like mine- reflect my taste so that, more than anything, it can also serve as a quiet respite for me if I ever need an afternoon breather.  I need to feel comfortable cooking a meal here, plopping down on the sofa or reading a book in the tub, exactly as I would if I were in my own home...  Because truthully, I will be.  

    My hope for this cute little place is that we can use it as a business-ready Airbnb.  With so many walkable resturants and bars at the end of the street, as well as a VERY close proximity to downtown, a one-bedroom home, appointed well and leaving no detail behind would be a perfect spot for the business traveller, or the couple who wants a weekend away in our sweet city.  That being said, it goes without saying that while these folks need a place to stay, they also need a place to sit, a place to brew coffee, and a bed on which to lay.

    Thank the Lawd for Pinterest. 

    Thanks to finding a spread in Rue Magazine featuring a clean, white and chocolate brown home in Toronto, I know exactly the look I'm going for... White walls, bronze and dark wood fixtures, greige and taupe linen with some rich, distressed leather thrown in for good measure.  Moody, moody, moody, but without the black walls and super-saturated colors of my current home.  It'll still feel like me, but it won't feel like I have the same house twice over.  

    ** via RueMag **

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