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  • Bellaire Update

    We have a sofa.  There's been a chair delivered.  Paint is on the walls, and cabinets are installed.  My sweet little shotgun on Bellaire is starting to look like a real house!!

    After a quick change of pace with the wall color (Spare White looked almost mint green, so Extra White made an appearance on all surfaces), the floors have been installed, can lights have gone into the kitchen, and everything- EVERYTHING!- has gotten a lovely coat of paint.  It's amazing to me what fresh baseboard can do for a room, or how beautiful wide, gray floors can look in such a small space.  

    Our lighting has all been delivered, but not yet installed, thought I find myself a little more excited each day to see what the Arc Sconces from West Elm are going to look like in the bathroom, and how the Mobile Chandelier is going to light up the dining area.

    This week, I'm told that fun black and white tile will go down in the bathroom, and soon, my sweet landscapers are going to tackle the mess that is the yard.  

    Four more weeks, friends, until another update is due.  I can't wait to show you the progress!

    ** photos by Kyle Lueken **