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  • An Abundance of Airplants

    Walk into my home on any day of the week, and you’ll be greeted by tufts of green everywhere. My neighbor, Jim, has mused at least once that I have a large amount of plants in my home. It’s true. Since becoming friends with Bridget at Mahonia Studios, I’ve become a bigger plant lover than I thought possible.

    While a peace lily and spider plant are thriving in my dining room (along with an aloe plant in my china cabinet), a Calathea happily looks out the window in the guest room, an orchid greets folks as soon as they walk in, and a succulent thrives under the TV, they are far outnumbered by airplants.

    Tucked behind framed photos, sidling up next to the Bourbon, and perched flamboyantly on the mantle, these green critters look like they’ve taken over, and I can’t stop adding more!

    Aside from having enough light and soaking in the sink for a half hour or so each Friday, airplants really don’t require a huge amount of care, which make them the perfect pet for me. The green fluffs make me happy when I see them every day.

    For your own, or for any information on plant care and keeping, reach out to Mahonia Studios.