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  • Jean Genie

    We know I love a good embellished shoe...  The only problem I sometimes find is that I'm not sure how to couple them with an outfit.  Case in point, and hopeful solution: The Francesca Emboidered Pump from Tory Burch.

    These shoes are gorgeous. There's no other way to say it.  But, after trying to pair them with a chainlink pattern skirt (as shown in TB's instagram post), it just didn't feel like me.  I decided to go with what I know...  Grey-washed jeans, and a white blouse.  

    A simple wardrobe allows these shoes to shine on their own (with the help of mirror appliques)...  I'm excited to see how they look in a more formal situaton!

    ** shoes, jeans **

    ** this post was not sponsored in any way **

    ** photos by Kyle Lueken **