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  • On the Gallery Wall

    I'm fortunate enough to have a set of neighbors with fabulous taste, a gorgeous home and own Scout- one of the best design and accessories stores in the city.  One thing I almost always see, whether in their home or in their store, or in the houses of their countless clients is a handsomely curated gallery wall.  

    In their home, paintings mix with sketches and shadow-boxed geodes, while the frames all compliment one another.  In the bedroom, either frameless or slim silver frames compliment various pieces in shades of gray, while in the dining room, various black frames- from ornate to sleek- surround over two dozen pieces of various sizes.

    Their advice on how to curate a gallery wall of your own? Jim says to do whatever feels right to you. "It needs a common thread of subject matter, framing, or color.  That being said, the best ones are collections of things you love.  The more personal, the better." 

    ** this post was not sponsored in any way **

    ** photos by Kyle Lueken **